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Where is the Maldives?
Maldives is an island nation of a total 1190 islands, formed in 26 natural atolls. Located in the Indian Ocean, south-west of India and east-west of Sri Lanka.
Do i need a visa to enter the Maldives?
No. You will be issued a free 30-day tourist visa upon arrival for all nationalities as long as you have the following: 1 Month valid passport, roundtrip ticket, booking confirmation letter or funds enough to cover your expenses.
When is the best time to visit the Maldives?
The dry months of December to April are the best period for sun-lovers and beach bunnies. Take note that this is peak season for the resorts so prices will be relatively higher. The months of May to November are considered low season due to the southwestern monsoon but you will get the best rates. Take note that this period will be cloudier with higher chances of rainfall but better visibility for divers, water clarity for snorkelers, and best waves for surfers.
What is the water temperature?
The water temperate is usually a balmy 28° – 30°C throughout. Perfect swimming temp any time of the year!
Where is the capital of the nation?
The Capital of the Maldives is Male’ pronounced “Ma-ley”. The population is about 70,000 and is home for almost one-forth of the total population of the country. This is the base for all the economic activities. The city also has a few places of historical interest.
Are banks and ATMs easily found in the Maldives?
ATMs are only found on the main island of Male and on-site at the airport. ATMs are not found outside Male. If you expect to use your ATM card in Male, make sure to call your bank beforehand and put a travel alert on it so it doesn’t get blocked.
What is the legal drinking age in the Maldives?
There isn’t a specific age being implemented at the resorts. However 18 year olds and above are considered adults.
What is the currency used and should tourists bring their own currency?
The local currency in the Maldives is called Rufiyaa (MVR) but almost all tourist establishments accept US Dollars. USD is also the most used currency at the resorts so there’s really no need to convert to Rufiyaa plus converting unused local currency before you leave may just take up your time.
Is there a time difference?
The Maldives is +5 from GMT. Some resorts follow a local “island time” though to maximize the daylight.
What is the common language spoken at Maldives?
Dhivehi is the national language of the country but English is widely used and understood.
What kind of outlet (electric) is used in the Maldives?
Most, if not all, sockets use standard UK 3 pin flat plugs. The electrical current is 220 – 240 volts. Resorts will usually have adaptors available.


What happens upon arrival at male international airport?
You will be met by our airport representative, holding a board with your name on it, at the arrival area. They will then assist you with your luggage and take you to your resort transfer area. They will be waiting for you on your departure as well.
How do i get to my resort?
There are 3 ways to get to your resort. A) speedboat transfer for nearby resorts mostly located in the South and North Male atoll, B) seaplane transfer for other outlying islands and C) domestic flight + speedboat transfer for resorts found at the southern or northern most part of the country.
How long is the wait time for transfers?
As much as possible, your resort will whisk you right away to their island as soon as you land but depending on the proximity of your chosen property there may be some waiting time involved. Speedboat transfers are the best option for people who have no time to waste or are on shorter vacation days since they have their own transfers that can get you – depending on guest arrivals, there might be a wait time of 20 – 30 minutes, but that rarely happens. Seaplane transfers may have a wait time of up to an hour depending on arrivals as well since they group guests going to certain atolls together based on their international flight arrival or departure.
Are seaplanes available all day?
No. Seaplanes only operate during daylight hours usually between 6am – 4pm. If your international flight arrives before/after the operating hours, you will need to stay overnight in a nearby hotel and get the earliest flight out the next day. Please make sure to coordinate with your Destination Specialist regarding your transfers.
Is there a luggage allowance on the seaplane?
Yes, generally it is 5kg for carry on and 20kg for checked-in luggage. No single bag should weigh more than 32kg. A fee of US$4++ will be charged for each extra kg above the allowable limit. In some cases, your luggage may be bumped off due to luggage limitations on a certain flight and for safety purposes but rest assured that the seaplane carrier will deliver it via the next available flight.
Is there a lounge at the airport while waiting?
There are private lounges available for a fee. You may find detailed information here: Also, if you are travelling via seaplane, most 5* resorts have free private lounges for their guests.
Is there a business center at the airport?
No, unfortunately, there is no business center at the airport but private lounges offer fax services and have internet access.
Is there free wifi at the airport?
No, there is no free WiFi at the airport. However, there are private lounges at the airport that have WiFi access along with other services.
Where do i get a local sim card?
Ooredoo and Dhiraagu, the local telecom companies, have stalls outside the arrival area – between the international and domestic terminals. You can get a data sim for 2-3 USD then you just add an internet package to it.
Where can I get my currency exchanged?
Upon arrival at the airport, there is a local bank that can exchange your currency to USD. Most resorts are also capable of exchanging your currency. However, not all foreign currencies are accepted, please check the link for the complete list:
Can I bring alcohol?
It is illegal to bring alcohol into the country. Resorts have special permits to serve these beverages and most resorts have premium brands from all the over the world.
Can I bring my pet?
No, unfortunately, it is not allowed in the Maldives.


Can i use my credit card in Resorts?
Definitely. All major credit cards are accepted in the Maldives. It’s possible to have a cashless holiday in your resort since all your incidentals are tallied at the end of your trip and paid using your credit card.
What kinds of food are served at the resorts?
The Maldives is a melting pot of international cuisines! Most resorts have main restaurants that offer different cuisines from major countries and theme nights within the week for variety. Some properties have world-class specialty restaurants of the most popular cuisines such as Indian, Thai, Japanese, Italian, European, and more!
Are the food in the Resorts Halal?
Although the Maldives is a Muslim country and a lot of Muslims work at the resorts, not all food are prepared halal since majority of them are exported from non-halal slaughterhouses. The best thing to do is to inform your Destination Specialist about your special requirement so they can pass the information to the resort and the resort can prepare. Most 5* resorts will have no issue with requests such as these. Note that it would be better to be on ala carte meals since buffet meals will be very difficult to control.
Do i need to bring my medication?
If you are taking maintenance medication, we suggest that you bring them to be safe. There are 3 major hospitals in Male for emergencies and most over the counter medicines are easily found within the city. Almost all resorts have in-house or on-call general physicians to address minor health concerns.
Is it possible to do island hopping?
Yes, but only to very nearby islands for a local island tour or sandbank dining or picnics.
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